Here you will find a list of products & code I have released over the years.

Random Password Generator

A simple app to generate secure passwords. Passwords are generated on the client/browser so your passwords are not sent over the internet to/from the server.

Includes the ability to customise generated passwords by modifying their length and including lowercase, uppercase, numbers and special characters. Go check out v2 theme

The theme which powers this website. A minimal theme without a sidebar. With a special full screen menu on mobile. Contains only one font, Open Sans, this makes it very fast to load which was one of my main goals. Available in plain HTML & WordPress editions.

Mainframe PHP

This is a backend framework I wrote based on CodeIgniter 2.x. The purpose was to add some features that CodeIgniter lacked. Most notably:

  • Rails inspired Assets pipeline. Automatically names & minifies CSS & JS.
  • Helper functions to easily insert CSS & JS files in views.
  • A plugin system that allows you to create independent and distributable micro-MVC-apps.
  • An engine for themes allowing you to create independent themes with their corresponding assets. This allows you to easily change the appearance of your app without having to change your views.

View on GitHub.

Mainframe CSS

A inspired CSS micro framework with a lot of ready-made classes useful mostly in backends of web apps.

View on GitHub.

This is a product that allows you to test your websites in conditions similar to smartphones & tablets. The concept is very simple. You choose a device, enter your website URL and shows you, your website on that device.

My try at creating a social network modelled after (in Greek). As I discovered it’s almost impossible to create a social network without a way to drive to it large amounts of traffic. Nevertheless a fun experience building it.