This site’s WordPress theme is now free & open source.

TLDR: Download the theme below. Keep reading for the details.

After the installation of WordPress on this site it was time to create a design and convert it into a theme. It’s 2020 and everything should be mobile first. However since this is a tech related website, I expect a lot of people to visit via desktop browsers.

That’s why this site by default has a mobile friendly menu. And by that I mean that the menu bar is on the bottom of the screen by default. Then a media query creates a top bar for the rest of devices (desktops, TVs etc).

Bottom navigation

Luke Wroblewski has an excellent article about the importance of placing the navigation at the bottom of the screen in mobile websites/apps. The concept is that it’s easier for people to reach the bottom of the screen when using the phone with one hand.

Image by Luke Wroblewski

This theme even takes into account the footer, placing it above the logo/menu bar. The menu button brings up the main menu of the website as you can see in this image below.