My name is Vangelis Bibakis. I am a web developer turned solopreneur (solo-entrepreneur). Check out what I’m working on, what I’ve done in the past and if you want to get updates about new things I release, subscribe to my newsletter. You can also find me on Twitter or Facebook.


I’m currently building Deskhot. A business suite which includes project management and collaboration.

How to start a Side Project

This is a handbook I wrote in 2021 for people who want to get started with a side hustle. It contains knowledge obtained from personal experience and also by monitoring many solopreneurs online. It is distilled knowledge from hundreds of people who succeeded and many others who failed.

I’m giving it away for free so you can read it online right now.


The grandfather of responsive design testing tools. It dates back to 2011 and at the time it was a cutting edge way to test your responsive designs in mobile devices.