My name is Vangelis Bibakis. I am a web developer turned solopreneur (solo-entrepreneur). Check out what I’m working on, what I’ve done in the past and if you want to get updates about new things I release, subscribe to my newsletter. You can also find me on Twitter or Facebook.

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This site’s WordPress theme is now free & open source.

TLDR: Download the theme below. Keep reading for the details. Download WordPress theme Download HTML theme Source code on GitHub After the installation of WordPress on this site it was time to create a design and convert it into a theme. It’s 2020 and everything should be mobile first. However since this is a tech related website, I expect a lot of people to visit via desktop browsers. That’s why this site by default has a mobile friendly menu. And by that I mean that the menu bar is on the bottom of the screen by default. Then a media…

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Is no-code just a passing fad?

You may have heard about the no-code movement these days. It’s a new paradigm which “threatens” the jobs of million of software developers around the world. Lead by companies such as Webflow and Zapier the no-code movement promises abilities formerly reserved for the few wizards of coding. Zapier Zapier allows you to create workflows called “Zaps”. They consist of a trigger and one or more actions. For example: When I get a mention on Twitter send me an email and also add a new task on Basecamp. The trigger here is the Twitter mention and the rest are the actions.…

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